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Nr 3013MA Chip holder Basic (holds 100 chips). Light-weight plastic chip holder with lid for SEK 15 (SEK 12 excluding VAT).

Nr 3001 Kortsko svart metall: 863 kronor (690 kronor exklusive moms). Bottensidan täckt av grön filt som halkskydd. Främst avsedd för 6 lekar. Nr 30041 Kortsko ädelträ: 738 kronor (590 kronor exklusive moms). Vackert behandlat laminat på plexi. Yttersidans botten täckt med grön filt. Främst avsedd för 6 lekar.

Nr. 7003 Cashbox Slimline.
Complete with shield, and lock with 2 keys.
€ 164 (€ 131 excluding VAT)..
Nr. 1009 Money plunger with coin slot.
€ 21,40 (€ 17,12 excluding VAT).

Nr. 7004 Cashbox Club Edition Lockable cashbox, complete with table attachment and two double sets of keys. Length 22,5 cm x width 13 cm x height 12 cm. € 49 (€ 39 excluding VAT). Nr. 10010 Standard money plunger Made from sturdy acrylic, with rubber stopper. Length 15 cm, width 7 cm. The width of the handle is 12 cm. € 14 (€ 11 excluding VAT).

Nr. 1010 Brass cover plate: € 13 (€ 10,4 excluding VAT).

Nr. 1010K Chrome cover plate: € 16 (€ 12,8 excluding VAT).

Nr. 3008 Brass card holder: € 30,20 (€ 24 excluding VAT).

Nr. 3008K Chrome card holder: € 38,30 (€ 30,6 excluding VAT).

Nr 3006 Chip tray made from steel. Outer dimensions of lower frame: 31 x 20,5 cm. Outer dimensions of overhang: 34,5 x 24,2 cm.SEK 688 (SEK 550 excluding VAT).

Nr 7007 12-tube chip tray made from reinforced aluminium. Lid, and lock with 2 keys are included. Outer dimensions of lower frame: 55 x 24,5 cm. Outer dimensions of overhang: 57,5 cm x 26,7 cm. € 268 (€ 214 excluding VAT).

Nr 7008 Lockable 6-tube chip tray made from reinforced aluminium, with a partition for plaques. € 182 (€ 146 excluding VAT). Lid, and lock with 2 keys are included. Outer dimensions of lower frame: 35,5 cm x 21,2 cm. Outer dimensions of overhang: 38,3 cm x 23,8 cm.

Nr. 3011 Cut card / Cover card
Poker size. 100% pvc plastic. 89 x 64 x 0.5 mm.
SEK 10 (SEK 8 excluding VAT) per piece.
Nr. 3012 Cut card / Cover card
Bridge size poker. 100% pvc plastic. 88 x 57 x 0.5 mm. SEK 10 (SEK 8 excluding VAT) per piece.
This product can be branded.

Nr. 5021 Dealer button A really sturdy "puck" of international casino standards for only € 7,50 (€ 6 excluding VAT). Measurements 78 x 18 mm. Weight 95 grams.

In hold'em poker the dealer button is used to indicate who is the dealer for the hand. The player to the left of the dealer is given the little blind, the following player the big blind. The latter is twice as big as the former. After the blinds have been given out, each player receives a hole card, after which the betting begins. The first player to act is the one to the left of the player holding the big blind.

This product can be branded.

Nr. 5021B Button set Dealer button´s size is 50 x 5 mm. Other buttons are 30 x 3 mm. Only € 3,20 (€ 2,56 excluding VAT) for the whole set.

Missed blind, for when a required bet is not posted when it is the player´s turn to do so. Reserved, for when a player needs to leave the table but wants to keep his place. Kill, for doubling the blind and limits. Sometimes used as a “half-kill” for increasing the blind and limits by fifty percent. A kill can be either voluntary or mandatory. The most common requirements of a mandatory kill are for winning two pots in a row at lowball and other games, or for scooping a pot in high-low split.

Please contact us for dealer buttons made from ceramic with your own design. This is the same dealer button that is included in our PGT Spades series. (Some minimum quantities required).

Roulettekulor Ivorine
Hårda roulettekulor av elfenbensurrogat i diametern 18 mm (Nr. 1006A) och 21 mm (Nr. 1006B). 123 kronor styck (98 kronor styck exklusive moms).
Roulettekulor Teflon
Roulettekulor av teflon i diametern 18 mm (Nr. 1003) och 20 mm (Nr. 1004). 61 kronor styck (49 kronor exklusive moms).

Nr. 5009 Key chain Poker
€ 3 (€ 2,40 exluding VAT).


Nr. 500 Poker timer (small). Digital timer that can count either up or down, and be reset at any time. The spring-holder on the back can be used as a table stand or to attach the timer to your shirt pocket, for example. It also has a magnet if you want to put the timer on your refrigerator door, or on any other metal surface. Size 67 x 67 x 10 mm. € 6,35 (€ 5,10 exclusive of VAT).
This item can be branded with your company or club name, and logo. Please contact us for an individual quote.

CLASS chair without armrest
Exclusive, stackable chair without armrest. Weight 7 kg. CL001 Silver frame (extruded aluminium) with padded seat and backrest clad in black cloth. Nr. CL002 Golden frame (extruded aluminium) with padded seat and backrest clad in red cloth. € 70,67 (€ 56,60 excluding VAT).

Click here to view a large image of
both chairs

Nr. Z16 Rope queuing posts / rope barrier
Delivered in sets of two queuing posts in your choice of brass or chrome, and one 150 cm long rope in either blue, red, or black.

The ropes kan also be bought separately. The length of each rope is 150 cm.
Nr. Z16R Red rope delivered with ends in your choice of brass or stainless steel. Nr. Z16B Blue rope and Nr. Z16S Black rope delivered with ends of stainless steel.

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Card protectors of coin quality. When not actively looking at your cards during play, you must keep them face down on the table in front of your chips. By placing a card protector, or card guard, over your cards you will protect them from being accidentally exposed, fouled, or folded. Delivered with a protective plastic casing. Diameter with casing 48 mm, thickness 9 mm. The coin´s diameter is 38 mm, its thickness 3 mm. Original designs by Magnus Andersson AB. Only available through Magnus Andersson AB.
The backside 5021BS 5021LK 5021CW

Poker with style
since 1956

€ 8,50
€ 8,50
€ 8,50
# 1 ranked hole cards.
Lock is the term for describing an unbeatable pokerhand, also known as The Nuts.
"This money belongs to me".
5021MO 5021BI 5021AL Your own design
Monster - a very big hand
€ 10,65
Big Slick
€ 8,50
All In
€ 8,50
Design your own card protector. Minimum quantity 300 pcs. Contact us for more information.
Extra big and heavy card protector. Diameter with casing 58 mm, thickness 10 mm. The coin´s diameter 44 mm, thickness 5 mm. # 4 ranked hole cards

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