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Using playing cards to promote yourself is highly effective. Its a product that lasts a long time, is used actively and that is associated with having fun. Whether you wish to promote your company, band, product, club, event, tourist destination, magazine, hotel, etc., we promise to make it easy for you.

We offer playing cards on which you not only get to design the backs, but also the fronts and the tuckbox. All at an attractive, set price. No extra charges will be added for printing plates, or anything else. You can choose any size and format (bridge, poker, or your own). The paper quality of our standard decks is 300 grams with black core, and you can choose between matte, glossy, or linen finish.

 A. Standard index    B. Jumbo index    C. Your own design D. Swedish faces

As for the faces (front side) of the cards you may choose (A) standard index as shown in the left picture, with or without your own image inside the square. You may also choose (B) jumbo index, with or without your own image inside the square. If you prefer you may of course use the whole face for (C) your own design. Finally, we also offer (D) Swedish faces.

Create your own artwork by downloading the applicable templates below:

Please use only for promotion playing cards

     Templates Bridge size 58*88
     Templates Poker size 63*88
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Choose your index - or design your own.
2 Corner Index 4 Corner Index
European Index French Index
Jumbo Index

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