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Warranty - Our playing cards are quality controlled international playing cards of the absolute highest workmanship. If anyone receives a deck of cards that against all odds does not meet with expectations, the faulty card together with that deck´s ace of spades shall be returned to us within two weeks from the date of purchase. We will then send a new deck of cards at no cost.

Nr 3014PV Fournier Poker Vision Dual index (jumbo and peek), 100% plastic. This card is developed to be clearly visible to all players when on the table, while at the same time minimizing how much of the card you need to view during play thanks to the small, angled corner pip. One of the world´s finest plastic playing cards. € 12 per deck (€ 9,60 excluding VAT).

Nr 3018SR Tournament Pro All Plastic jumbo index (big numbers). Contains no paper at all, made from 100% pvc plastic. Washable (but not in dishwasher). Each deck is sold in a plastic packet. 59 SEK (47 SEK excluding VAT) per deck.

Copag 100% Plastic Poker Poker size (88 x 63 mm), jumbo index. Since production began in 1918 Copag in Brazil has established themselves as one of the world´s leading card manufacturers. In fact more Copag plastic playing cards are sold in the USA than any other brand, and here in Europe its popularity is on a steady rise. Copag 100% Plastic Poker washable (not in dishwasher) and durable. Offered in your choise of red tuck and red backs (Nr. 3015PKR) eller blå ask med blå baksidor (Nr. 3015PKB). € 7,72 per deck (€ 6,18 excluding VAT).

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