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Swedish Fast Poker standard 6.box Made from microfibre, which is a blend of 55% wool and 45% artificial fibre. The standard print is made in two different shades of the same colour, as shown above. Specially treated to give the best possible protection against fire and liquid spills.
The standard measurement of the table cloth is 200 x 125 cm. The standard measurements of the printed layout (gaming area) is 128 x 52 cm. Standard colours kept in stock are green (Nr. 205410), blue (Nr. 205411), and red (Nr. 205412).
Microfibre layouts with logos, or customized to your own design

You are more than welcome to design, customize, brand and theme your own microfibre fast poker layout. You may implement any colours you like, including photographic images! Naturally you may also include names and logos in your design. Your design will be manufactured with high-definition digital printing, giving you endless opportunities when it comes to profiling, promotion, and themed activities.

 Type of layout Size Unit price (excl. VAT)
Standard black jack and poker layouts200 x 120 cmSEK 930
Poker and roulette layouts (American and French)270 x 140 cm€ 125
Extra large layouts330 x 170 cm€ 165
Artwork can be submitted in the file formats ai, eps or pdf.

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