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Customising your football table with your company's corporate logo or just in your favourite design is a superb way of advertising your company or personalising your table. Use branded football tables as corporate gifts or as a reward to your best employees. Whatever the colour, whatever the design, whatever the volume, we can produce it. See below for the technical specifications or contact us today and we can talk you through the features and benefits.

Technical features

- Branded football tables are integrally coated on all vertical surfaces (namely sides and headpieces) using adhesive PVC and subsequently laminated to protect them and achieve a glossy effect.

- The PVC is printed using a digital high definition plotter printer working with 7 Epsom ink cartridges, resulting in high quality images and good protection against the Ultraviolet rays.

- Once printed and laminated the PVC is laid on the table surfaces by a levelling roller to obtain the best and mist durable adherence.

- For a stronger effect it is also possible to brand the playfield as well as the panels below the score counter. The playfield branding can be partial, meaning the centre only, or total (no green is visible).


- No minimum quantites are required.

- No costs are charged for printing plants (there are no films or looms as in silk-screen printing).

- The branding visual can be either supplied by the customers themselves or created by the Garlando graphic department.

- The PVC printing and fitting carried out in the Garlando factory to guarantee the complete supervision of the entire process.

- The production time is greatly reduced.

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