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Olympic Silver Olympic Silver
The new Olympic, a coin-operated World Champion with top glass!

Length: 150 cm
Width: 76 cm
Width with telescopic rods: 110 cm
Height: 96,5 cm
Playing field: 115 x 70,5 cm
Weight: 108 kg
Packing: 152 x 82 x 46 cm

Nr. GOS Olympic Silver

Please ask for us for price This brand new coin-operated soccer table has just been introduced to the market and is a synthesis between two other models of great success, the World Champion and the Olympic soccer tables.

It reproduces the World Champion´s high tech look with its black and grey, while this incomparable competition model replaces the aluminium with an elegant grey in a veined wooden finnish.

The Olympic Silver has anti-break glass, perfectly sealing the playfield area and bringing the well-known advantages of preventing all tampering with the game as well as thefts of balls, reducing the playing noise and keeping the playing area clean.
As an option, the table can be equipped with a lighting system for the playing field, to allow usage in dimly lit places, or to simply create special effects in the dark. Please ask for us for price

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